One of the major causes of declining brain function and several forms of dementia is our consumption of inflammatory foods. Dr. Gettings’ mission is to bring mental health awareness to the mainstream. One of the most vital resources to maintaining the health of all of our biological systems is our nutrition.

Brain health is highly dependent on our daily nutritional habits. Dr. Gettings encourages everyone to make the vital commitment to invest in our health through better nutrition and improved dietary habits. Take the pledge to preserve brain function and prevent disease!

Our food is our medicine. It is one of the most important components of disease prevention. The quality of food and supplements we consume over a lifetime, predict the quality and function of our brain cells.

Preserve your brain health today with the following healthy meal plans, vitamins, and botanicals offered by Dr. Gettings.

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Herbalife is a global nutrition company and Dr. Gettings is an active supervisor. Herbalife is committed to providing solutions to the worldwide problems of poor nutrition, obesity, an aging population, and sky-rocketing public healthcare costs. Visit Dr. Gettings Herbalife Store for more information on high-quality nutrition, vitamins, and meal plans that are shipped directly to your home!

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It is likely that humans have used plants for medicine for as long as we have existed. Plants also known as “botanicals” are the origin of the biomedical model of pharmacotherapy that still remains in medicine today. Dr.Gettings’ Healthy Place Botanical online store provides pure and organic full spectrum botanical products that are essential to brain health and well-being.

Visit healthy place botanicals and shop for immune-active botanicals, antioxidant botanicals, and premium CBD oil. Learn more about all of the proven health benefits of botanicals shipped directly to your home!