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Health Maintenance & Disease Prevention

12 Major Biological Systems Of The Body

Our body is multi-systemic and we have 12 major organ systems. We'll learn what they are and how important it is for us to understand them so we can properly identify/target the issues. 

The American Diet &
Your Brain

The food companies America are allowed to produce foods that aren't always the healthiest for our brains but last long on the shelf.

Sleep Hygiene

Say No to Disease!!!

Vitamins & Brain Health

Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin for healthy brain function. As we continue to learn more about brain health and brain health maintenance, it is important that we all understand the differences between vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. Everyone should know how the body works and what it needs to function!

Emotional Intelligence

Most people are familiar with IQ however EQ is a new emerging concept covered in a great book entitled Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. She is encouraging followers to read this book and understand more about maintaining emotional and mental wellness.

Four Emotional Intelligence Skills

Back with another video, today we will be discussing the four Emotional Intelligence skills: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. There is always opportunity for change if you improve your social-awareness!

Domestic Violence Damages Emotional Intelligence

Listen in as Dr. Gettings speaks about her own experience of being raised in a home with domestic violence and chronic toxic stress. She explains the importance of emotional resiliency and how to raise your emotional intelligence! Free Yo Mind!

Media Usage And Adolescent Brain Development

This week I will be educating the community on the negative effects of social media on brain development, which is in line with Children Awareness Month. Topics covered include internet addiction, the nucleus accumbens (reward circuit of the brain), increasing suicide rates in adolescents which has now doubled since 1999 and is heavily influenced by social media misuse and abuse.

Minority Mental Health Awareness

Is it possible that the trauma that was once endured over generations of enslavement has impacted the mental health of African Americans today? It's important we don't ignore the signs & symptoms of poor mental health for the sake of being strong or "Handling it on our own" when we don't have to.

Healthy Minds Matter

This week we are discussing the brain and how to use our energy wisely. It is said that by year 2025, depression will be the leading disability in the United States- your mind is precious, take care of your brain! Tune in today as we open up about the importance of psychological resiliency everyday and overall health.

Diagnosis & Treatment


Dementia is one of the most common brain diseases that individuals suffer from. It's occurrence is increasing and the most common type seen in America is Alzheimer's. Every cell in our body deserves to be cared for and to receive adequate nutrition. Neurons are the cells in our brain that need to be treated well throughout our lifetime.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you ever lived through something that you can't forget, that your mind holds on to even though you want to let it go? Something that your brain can't delete that brings you pain and emotional distress sometimes on a daily basis taking away your focus from all of the other things that could bring you happiness haunting you like a ghost. A thief of joy. The flashbacks, the memories, the shame, the blame, the stigma, the hurt, the anger, the despair. All the negative emotions surround you because of moments in time that have passed but continue to rob you of your peace of mind. This is life with PTSD. 

Abuse & Brain Development

Dr. Gettings is sharing some of her own personal journey through childhood abuse. She will help the community to understand how abuse affects us in adulthoods, our relationships, our self-worth, self-perception, self-image. More importantly, she will continue to use this theme to understand the parts (anatomy) of the brain and how it functions.

Anger Management And Physical Disease

This video demonstrates the emotion of anger and its impact on the 12 biological systems. Many people assume when we are angry that we are just damaging the other person- however, it is really ourselves that we are harming. Be comfortable opening up about your emotions and start observing how long you are upset. Mindfulness is key!

Major Depressive Disorder And Serotonin

This week we are going over self love, depression and suicide prevention. It is in alignment with the inspiring Lilly Singh's movement, GirlLove. Let's remove hate and jealousy out of our lives!


In this video I will be discussing Suicide Awareness Week as well as information about serotonin and its role in mood and emotional well-being.